poster that says “Every mistake you make is progress”

Hi, I’m suraj an engineering student and an avid reader, this is my first attempt to write my ideas through a short story. This short story is going to be in the first person. Hope you like it.

My name is Surya, a frustrated 24-year-old software and after this small intro, you might have inferred that I came into this field just because of my procreator’s (😁 just googled this, it means parent’s) sheer pressure but NO they aren’t the reason.

They supported me in every single step of my life and the reason I’m frustrated is just because of ME, my mistakes that lead me here. Because of this, no single day passes without me regretting the mistakes of my past, only if I had a time machine my life would have been way better.

This coming Saturday is my 25th birthday my parents, relatives, friends are coming over to my house uff! I can take some time from this tedious and hectic life to enjoy the weekend. I’m planning a lot this weekend I hope at least this goes without any blunders. So on Friday, I have to go to pick up my parents from the airport and on the way back had to show them my new house in construction, order some food and make some arrangements for the party on Saturday.

The day has come finally, the day I get to see my parents after a very long time. I’m very ecstatic and anxious at the same time, ecstatic because I get to see them and anxious because well I don’t know what they comment on my brand new attire. Well, no matter how many things they approve of in my life they never approve of long hair, torn jeans, tattoos, and so on. Well, what can we say this past generation never understood these things okay enough of this, let me go quickly fresh up, and then straight to the airport. As I just dressed up, my doorbell rang! Who is it? My Parents???


social media over usage by youth

Yes you are listening correctly we are assuming that social media apps are for free but, when we are scrolling down the pages the amount of time we are spending on each post gives them money so that you can estimate how much amount of money you are giving to social media. There are so many social media platforms that are killing our precious amount of time and giving them money and they are making the phrase ‘TIME IS MONEY ’ come true. …

marital rape

Rape is the most heinous crime whether it’s against a woman or man. But it usually happens to women all around the world whether you live in developing countries like India or developed countries like the USA, you frequently listen to the horrible acts committing against women. It is gut-wrenching yet most of the men did not understand what rape (I’m not talking about its definition) they treat as something trivial.

Now talking about marital rape it is seen as something normal or not a criminal act (which it is you morons!!!) which is much worse. Definition of marital rape…

I am an undergrad at Satyabhama University Chennai. Today I want to share something which I wish I knew prior to my first year of college and the thing I wanted to share is how to get Coursera courses for free in a fully legal way. So I’m going to show step by step process which is easy and useful at the same time.

machine learning course page
Machine learning course in coursera

Step 1: Go to the coursera website and select any course.

Step 2: Log in if you have an account or register if you don’t have an account. …

Thithi (funeral) movie is a village drama which almost feels like a documentary is a 2015 Indian Kannada drama film co-written and directed by Raam Reddy. It has a cast of non-professional actors who actually live in that village . Ere Gowda and Raam Reddy written it’s story and screenplay , which is set in their native place (Nodekoppalu in mandya district, Karnataka).It also won national award for best feature film for kannada in 2016. It is as natural as a documentary and I cannot praising for it. The best thing about this is it’s compelling natural characters which is…

Before going into the story let me clarify something first. I’m an engineering student and not a software professional but you need not to be a professional to really find about what’s going on with it and why it is gathering such negativity (especially in tech communities). I will tell you what I learnt from my little research , which will let you decide what to do.

IF you ask my personal opinion , I will say no . Its not just because a 6 year old shouldn’t code but, it is how it is introducing them to coding …

I’m suraj , a student pursuing undergrad in sathyabama institute of science and technology. First of all I’m not an expert in cybersecurity or ethical hacking but I’m interested to become a professional in that field . But I started my journey so I want to document that so it might be useful to others, I’m also not expert in English so excuse me for any mistakes. ok lets get started.

Photo by Setyaki Irham on Unsplash

So for many of us hacker is a person who wears a black hoodie and does malicious things and looks kinda cool , but in reality it is no…

suraj sai

student , wanted to become cybersecurity expert , interested in movies , passionate about cinematography , photography.

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